Our Terms


Our Responsibilities to you


As brokers, we will always put you first in providing information and advice as to the best insurance options available to you. We will assist you in achieving the best outcome on price, appropriate cover, andclaims. We will provide you with intermediated insurance services at the level and quality expected from a professional and regulated insurance advisor.

We will engage with you to determine your needs and requirements and find you the most appropriate options from our panel of insurers. Our services will only include general insurance advise and assistance.


We will not charge you to obtain insurance quotations. We us our intelligent systems and expertise when choosing which insurers to obtain quotes from based on the information you have provided. Our advisors will generally tell you which insurers were approached on your application, but you are welcome to ask them for more information.There are cases where only one or two insurers will be approached based on your circumstances. Most circumstances will involve 3-5 quotes, with a large number involving the provision of up to 10 quotes. Market competition is a significant factor. The quotation process will typically follow the below process:

1.     Your request a quote from us by calling or online enquiry.
2.     We call you to discuss and understand your circumstances.
3.   We use this information to negotiate and obtain quotes from appropriate insurers.
4.  We call you to discuss options, clarify information, discuss important exclusions, endorsements and/or subjectivities related to your quotation.5.     At your request, we can email you a copy of your quotation to review, including all relevant documentation.
6.  If you cannot pay your premiums in full, we will discuss instalment arrangements via monthly premium funding and explain how it works.
7.     We can answer any remaining questions you may have, or convert your selected quotation to a policy at your request.   

Policy Placement

Contact us as soon as possible if you need cover for  a risk or property that is not insured. If you need immediate cover, we are equipped with the staff, tools, and systems to find cover that same day in many scenarios.

To arrange cover, we will need your instructions to place the policy. This can be given in writing or over the phone.Once you make a request, we will typically follow the below process:

1.     Bind the policy with the insurer
2.     We will review the policy and endorsements against the original quotation to make sure they match.
3.     We will send you a confirmation of coverage and provide a coverage summary.
4.     We will process payment. If you have selected to BPAY or pay from your end, your confirmation of cover email will include a tax invoice with several payment methods.
5.     At your request, we can issue you a certificate of currency once the policy is paid.
6.     We will remit your premium to your insurer.
7.     If you have any further questions you may reply to the email or call and we will be happy to provide assistance and advice.


We will contact you at least 14 days prior to the expiry date of any insurance policy which we arranged or last renewed for you.

We will let you know if your current insurer is not offering renewal, but you will need to provide your instructions if you wish to change insurers.

Your insurer may require declarations to be completed in order to provide renewal terms. These documents will need to be completed, signed and returned in a timely manner.

Each renewal is based on its own merits. Your policy maybe renewed with your current insurer and rolled over if it's still the most competitive, but some will require detailed review and a panel of insurers will be approached to make sure you're paying the right premiums each year.

Continuous Coverage

For uninterrupted protection, we automatically continue or renew policies if we can't contact you by the expiry. A short-term premium may apply. Please notify us if this isn't required. Any direct dealings with insurers or other brokers exclude us from the renewal process unless instructed otherwise.

Policy Adjustments

You should conduct periodic reviews of your insurance. If adjustments are needed, provide the necessary details, and we'll manage the changes and notify you when they have been arranged.

Our Process

1.     Notification: We inform you about upcoming renewals and our action plan.
2.     Market Strategy: Based on your feedback, we either renegotiate with your current insurer or explore the market.
3.     Finalization: We discuss your renewal option and finalise accordingly.
4.     Payment: We facilitate the preferred payment method and ensure premiums reach the insurer as needed.

Claims Management

Handling claims is our moment to highlight the advantages of working with a broker.

1.     Guidance: If a claim arises, we’ll confirm its validity under your policy, support you in documentation preparation, and aid in the claim's submission.
2.     Specialist Involvement: Should the insurer bring in loss adjustors, attorneys, or consultants, we’ll inform you, and with your consent, facilitate coordination.
3.     Support for Major Losses: For significant claims, we can accompany you during the initial meeting with the adjustor if you'd like.
4.     Settlement Process: We'll ensure prompt delivery of claims documents, insurance settlements, and other pertinent information. Our role extends to aiding settlement negotiations and, when necessary, helping with third-party recoveries.
5.     Termination Protocol: If claims persist post-termination of our service, we will either continue to represent you or transition details to your new broker for seamless negotiation.

Consistent Service

When we’re your designated broker, expect:·      

Timely response to queries during business hours.·      
Regular insurance needs assessment.·      
Constructive advice tailored to your insurance demands.·      
Face-to-face discussions, if needed.·      
Efficient underwriting submissions and insurance term negotiations.·      
Renewal reminders, reviews for uninsured risks, and status updates on insurances and claims.·      
Insurance placement and confirmation.·      
Premium calculation, invoicing, and collection.·      
Expert review of insurance setups during significant changes or at scheduled reviews.·      
Claims management support, if required.

Cancellation Protocols·      

Written requests are the sole means we accept for cancellations.·      Insurance contracts can only be terminated upon written directives from every named insured party, excluding those under the Marine Insurance Act 1909.·      For mid-term insurance cancellations, the net premium refunded will come from your insurer. Our commission, fees, or charges related to insurance or premium funding won't be refunded.·      No extra cancellation fees will be imposed by us.·      If you’ve opted for premium funding and decide on a mid-term cancellation, the Premium Funder will levy full interest, as stipulated in the Loan ApplicationForm. This might also influence the refund amount you receive, often making it significantly less than a pro rata calculation. Hence, before replacing or cancelling a policy, a consultation with us is recommended to understand potential implications.·      Reach out during business hours for a detailed explanation on cancellations tailored to your situation.

Your Responsibilities When Working With Us

Disclosure Obligations

Please ensure you provide thorough and precise information about the risk you wish to insure.Inaccurate data might lead to inappropriate advice. Notify us of any changes in your situation to ensure your insurance remains fitting.·      Before acquiring an insurance policy, notify the insurer of any known information that might influence their decision.·      This duty applies until the insurer agrees to cover you and is also relevant during renewals, extensions, or reinstatements.·      Exceptions: You don't need to inform about risk-reducing factors, common knowledge, what insurers already know, or any details they've exempted.·      

Consequences for Non-disclosure: If you omit necessary information, the insurer might terminate your contract, decrease your claim amount, or both. Fraudulent failures can result in the insurer denying claims and nullifying the contract.Consumer Insurance Contracts (From27 September 2021)If you a reapplying for a consumer insurance contract from 27 September 2021:·       Your duty shifts from one of disclosure to taking reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation.·       This applies to policy renewals, changes, and reinstatements.·       Misrepresentations include false or incomplete answers, or those not reflecting the truth.Guidelines for ProvidingInformation:·       Carefully consider each question before responding. Seek clarity if unsure.·       Answer every question honestly and comprehensively.·       Review your insurance application diligently. If assisted, verify all answers.Working with usYour Involvement:·       We are here to serve your best interests in all insurance matters, making our collaboration paramount for desired outcomes.·       Respond promptly when we reach out, as it ensures your insurance aligns with your needs.

Your Responsibilities:·      

Foster a sincere relationship with both us and your insurers;·      
Relay all pertinent information about your insurance requirements;·      
Timely completion and signature of proposal forms, ensuring accuracy; and·       Review documentation meticulously to avert discrepancies.
If alterations are necessary, notify us forthwith. 


Our invoices will outline the premium, any applicable statutory charges, and our fees for orchestrating your insurance.

Payments are due within 14 days from the invoice date or, for renewals, prior to     the insurance contract's expiration. Delayed payments can result in contract cancellation by the insurer, leaving you unprotected. They might also impose a short-term premium for the risk     period.

Premium Funding:
This option allows premium payment in instalments, but with interest. A power     of attorney will be vested with the premium funder over your policy,     enabling them to cancel it in case of missed instalments. Should     you need it, we can facilitate this service. We     might receive a commission from the funder, up to 4%, but usually limited     to 2%. We'll transparently communicate the commission details at the time     of arrangement.

Credit Card Payments:
Using     a credit card might entail additional surcharges.AcceptanceBy leveraging our expertise and services, you implicitly concur with the terms presented in this document. Should there be any queries, we encourage you to reach out via phone or our online web forms.

Our Compensation Structure

Our Role:·       We collaborate with insurance firms, many of which don't directly deal with consumers. As brokers, we ensure suitable advice and coverage.·      
Our services span claim submissions, policy amendments, query handling, compliance management, and policy maintenance.

Our Earnings:· We receive a commission embedded in your premium, ranging between 0% to 30%. This is paid by the insurer.· A broker fee is generally applied, reflected in your total invoice.

Premium Funding:· If we facilitate premium funding, commissions are typically capped at 2%. We manage payment follow-ups and funding application processing.

Our Commitment:· Acting as your insurance advisor, our allegiance is to you. We prioritise your needs.· Despite fees or commissions, the policies we source are often more competitive than those obtained without a broker's assistance. Our expertise ensures you're well-covered without delving into insurance intricacies.