Great companies,

We appreciate the risks involved in the founder journey, and love helping tech companies offset their risk as they scale up and take on the world. UpSure clients gain this experience and dedication from day 1.
Our approach
to managing company risk.
Our goal is to always help founders navigate the tricky world of insurance, and turn it from a chore, into an asset that increases the overall chances of success of each business.
We appreciate that no one knows your company better than you and we know first hand how important that success is to your team, investors and believers.

We see ourselves as among those first believers, and love to leverage our experience building tech companies to work with you to help offset risks we've seen first hand.

There's never a silver bullet that protects everything, but there are all kinds of policies that cover risks that when you're starting out you may never even consider.

Our job is to take a bit of the burden away from managing these risks, and help you set the right coverage from the earliest of days, so it's not just a bit of paper but a robust set of protections that will respond and payout should you ever need them to.
Matt Almond
Matt Almond
Founder & CEO
“Getting covered is one thing, but in the event of something going wrong, it's much better to know it's the right coverage as without it, it's just a piece of paper”
By the numbers
Total number of tech companies we now work with.
Toral raised across preseed rounds raised to date.
Proud member of Australasia’s largest general insurance network.
Meet the team
Matt Almond
Matt Almond
Founder & CEO

Matt has been an insurance executive for 20+ years and is a wealth of knowledge on risk management.
Andrew Birt
Andrew Birt
Founder & CEO

Andrew is an experienced founder and investor that helps a lot of our clients beyond the insurance.
Lesile Hala
Lesile Hala
Head of Broking

Lesile is the friendly face that leads our broking team and is also is reasonably handy at Rugby League.
Eunice Begley
Eunice Begley
Operations & Product

Eunice leads our operations team and works closely on platform and product development. 
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