Founder friendly insurance.
Join hundred's of successful Australian technology and growth stage firms that work with UpSure to get protected from idea, through to thriving companies.
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Trusted by over 200 Australian tech co’s.

Designed to make insurance easier.

Expert advice delivered without the jargon.
Our team demystify the process, and help you cover the key risks that affect fast growing companies.
Online portal to streamline docs + manage risks.
The UpSure portal brings insurance into the 21st century and centralises your policies into one easy portal.
Helping beyond the insurance.
Go beyond just insurance with a team who's here to collaborate and grow with you as you take on the world.

The right coverage for each stage.

Whether you’re a seed stage company, or kicking off into growth mode - naturally there’s different risks at each and every stage.

*The biggest risk when getting cover is being under or over insured.

Just some of the risks we cover.
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The headache of paperwork - gone.

Insurance has always been about paperwork, forms, and
Easily lodge claims via our portal or calling the 1800 number.
Friendly, non judgemental advice on the potential courses of action.
Working with you every step of the way to put forward case to the insurer with goal to resolve.

Going beyond just insurance.

In addition to insurance, we've worked with a number of UpSure members on growth, advisory, and even delivering insurance programs to end customers.
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The amazing things our clients create

A small selection of companies that are part of the UpSure community.
Make losing things a thing of the past. 
Modernising the thrill
Climate impact investing made easy 
Espresso Displays
The world’s thinnest portable monitor. 
A quick showcase of some of the many brands that inspire us each day
Featuring: AirBolt, Forcite, Espresso Displays, Bloom Impact.
Kind words from awesome UpSure members.
Elliot, Payble
Elliot and the team at Payble are making failed and late payments a thing of the past and we’re delighted to work with them as they continue to scale this local success story.
Vanessa, SBO Financial
SBO is an innovative accounting firm focused on technology companies, ecommerce and more and we're proud to work with Vanessa, Jason and the team.
Stu, Paytron
Paytron is an award winning Australian payments innovator that allows businesses to centralise their cashflow data, manage employee spending and more.