Why covering
your risks matters.

You’ve put it all on the line, built an amazing company and growing it every day. We’re here to help you cover the risks and give you extra peace of mind while you and your team take on the world.

Just some of the risks you can mitigate with the right insurance coverage in place.

Need help choosing the right cover?

Examples by different stages + company type

A small selection of just some of the things the amazing founders we work with have brought to life.
Software as a Service. for business and consumers.
From neo-banks, to payment gateways and much more.
We cover all kinds of hardware, IoT & smart devices.
Get your store and goods covered quickly and easily.
Protect both buyers, sellers and your company with us.
Keeping your agency protected as you grow & deliver projects.
Health tech
We help cover a growing number of health companies.
Climate tech
We love working with all kinds of climate solutions.
+ many more.
we’re here to help innovators get insured.

Frequently asked questions

How does UpSure compare to a regular insurance broker?
UpSure is a tech focused specialist broker that understands the startup and scale up journey like few others. Our DNA is as a tech company ourselves rather than being an old school broker and insurer that just tries to sell you every policy under the sun to grow their bottom line. We take pride in learning about your business, the stage you're at, and addressing the most common risks that we've seen not just throughout our own careers, but across the hundreds of tech companies we now serve.
What’re the key advantages to working with a specialist?
Specialist brokers like UpSure not only know the risks but the market too. Essentially our job is as a matchmaker, taking your risk to the right underwriters who're prepared to offer terms that you need to adequately cover your business, and often yourself or selves as directors, without breaking the bank. Because we only specialise in tech companies, we know which underwriters have appetite for certain types of companies. For example, a fintech has a very different risk profile, and type of underwriter who'll offer terms than say a peer to peer marketplace. There's almost an underwriter for every type of tech company imaginable and our focus on and relationships in the market allow us to often find terms, when clients in some instances have not been able to.
How can I switch my existing policy to UpSure?
If you're already insured, but looking to potentially switch to UpSure the process is seamless and fully handled by our team. Even if you're mid policy, we can review your existing coverage for you and if it looks good, but you'd like to move across to us anyway we can arrange a letter of appointment.
How are claims managed if I need assistance?
Lodging claims is easy and can be done by calling our 1800 number, emailing us, or submitting a claim through the UpSure portal. Whichever way you do it, we're here to support you every step of the way, and because we're a broker, not the insurer we work directly with you to try and manage the claim together as best we can. We've already had a number of claims paid out for all kinds of scenarios over the past few years and have received excellent reviews from founders for our unwavering support and commitment during the process. Claims are never fun, but they're exactly why you put coverage in place, and for us we enjoy helping at this difficult and stressful time so you can focus on continuing to grow your business.
How does UpSure earn it’s fees and commission?
UpSure fee's and commission are two part, there's usually a small nominal broker fee that covers the hours spent putting forward your case to our panel of underwriters, and then the commission on the policy itself. This is all laid out and itemised in our proposals as it's a compliance requirement, but also great too because of the transparency it brings. When it comes to claims there are no fee's to us, other than perhaps the excess on your policy that may be due directly to the insurer, but that depends on each type of policy in place and something we can happily guide you through when choosing the right policies at the start.